Dr. Latrice Love

Recipient of the Top 20 under 40 award and numerous achievement commendations …

Greetings! I am Latrice Love. I currently hold a Master’s Degree in professional counseling and I have worked as a professional counselor for over 12 years. I am licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Virginia, and Georgia. I attended Chaminade University for my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I have a Master’s from Central Michigan University in Human Resources Management and another Masters in Counseling from Webster University. I also have a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. I am a skilled clinician that supports treatment to individuals from all walks of life with varying diagnoses including but not limited to: depression, stress, anxiety; relationship issues; parenting concerns; motivation/self-esteem issues; and career and financial concerns. I am experienced in utilizing CBT, TF-CBT, and DBT.

I take a holistic approach to counseling to ensure that I focus on the whole being to assist individuals with accomplishing their goals and desires. Through my practice, I used a concept I developed through my book called Journey from Survivor to Overcomer where I developed what I call the L.O.V.E. Model. Learning. Observing. Visualizing. Evolving. I work tirelessly using these concepts to help individuals unlock their full potential. Seeking out counseling can feel overwhelming and scary initially. I have sat on both sides of therapy and I am more than willing to move at a pace that is comfortable to you. Get excited and be proud that you are willing to take this step. I am here for you and will remain present for this awesome journey through L.O.V.E.

Dr. Love, Your book is very inspirational. I am glad that we have knowledgeable people like you to push others to believe in themselves. I wanted to say thank you for the preview and I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished copy.


Enjoyed the class last week. I just wanted to say that I had great news when I called my office on Friday! One of our donors had been calling about her annual gift and we’d missed talking “live.” When she finally got through, she told us her gift this year would be increased. Well, it definitely was increased! Went from $4,000 to $60,000! This was definitely a fulfillment of one of my goals and desires – to increase our fundraising in the next 6 months!


Dear Dr. Love, You know you are a very special person for me – you have given me gifts and insight that I will always cherish and hold close to my heart.


Latrice, Thanks for the push forward. You made me know that I make a difference. You are a light for many.


“I was a bit skeptical…” “…..I guess I wasn’t taking the experiment too seriously. I was a bit skeptical because their are so many people talking about finances in general…I felt as though I had seen it all. I loved how you presented the information in a user friendly modality and avoided pushing products down my throat. I truly feel empowered and feel actual excitement about taking control of my financial destiny. This was a wonderful weekend I’ll never forget.” Thank you for your inspiration,


Dearest Latrice “You exceeded even my ego’s most calculated expectations…” When we started our journey together, my ego claimed to know what I would get out of your coaching. I feel so blessed and grateful to now know you exceeded even my ego’s most calculated expectations. Your no nonsense, direct approach is exactly what I needed to get motivated. Looking back after just a few short months, I can’t express in words what you have done to help me in re-connecting with my Higher-Self. You helped me peel the layers of my outer-self to revel my Inner-Self. You also encouraged…

B Berry

“[Dr. Love’s] presence has had such a profound impact on my life.” Dr. Love has been in my Financial Consultant for 7 years. Her presence has had such a profound impact on my life. With Dr. Love’s guidance I have been able to get a clear picture on my dreams and she has been with me every step of the way as I achieved them. I could not have come this far in life without her help and continue to embrace the wealth of wisdom she has for me as I embark on my future adventures. Dr. Love has been…

L. A. James

“Thank you for the masterful way that you presented the material.” “I am the woman who asked the question on the Generational Wealth Planning for children at the Women Empowerment Seminar. I want to thank you for the masterful way that you presented the material. While much of it was familiar to me, I appreciated hearing aspects of it to reinforce and refresh my focus. Now feeling great peace, more faith, trust and willingness to be patient, knowing that everything in my life truly is heading in the right direction for the moment.” Warmest regards and appreciation,