“Experience how good it feels to live life proud and contented through Learning, Observing, Visualizing and Evolving.”

In The Journey from Survivor to Overcomer: The L.O.V.E. Model, Dr. Latrice Love uses her own personal experience in overcoming adversity to develop an innovative and groundbreaking method for rising above difficulties and making the most of your life. Building on her extensive experience as a professional counselor, she offers a four-step model that can help individuals who have lost their direction focus on specific goals and discover new inner resources for personal growth. Each section includes writing and visualization exercises that encouragereaders to develop a specific plan for moving forward. Dr. Love’s L.O.V.E. model is an insightful, refreshing approach to personal growth and development, and her humorous, empathetic, and no-nonsense approach will resonate with a broad audience.

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